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Network Cabinets of DIGITUS® Professional

DIGITUS® Professional offers you 19” network cabinets for installing all commonly used components. Be it small server rooms or large computer centers, our cabinets will offer your clients maximum stability and flexibility. A good cabinet is the cornerstone of every data center, and for many decades of forward-looking planning.      

  • Dynamic Basic Network Cabinets
  • Unique Line Network Cabinets
  • Accessories

Server Cabinets of DIGITUS® Professional

From a depth of 1,000 mm and up, we speak of a server rack. These racks are suitable for deep installation components. All the models in our cabinet ranges are available as either network cabinets or server racks.

  • Unique Line Server Cabinets
  • Dynamic Basic Server Cabinets
  • SOUNDProof Server Cabinets
  • Accessories