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The Advantages of Fiber Optic Cables

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Data transmission with FOC components is invulnerable to interference from electromagnetic fields. It will also not suffer from crosstalk, and is bug-proof. FOCs will not require grounding or surge protection. Particularly good arguments for their use in buildings are the minimal space requirements and reduced fire load in comparison with copper cables.

FOC Technology for Network Levels

The DIGITUS® Professional portfolio offers an extensive range of products and solutions for every individual requirement and network level – from broadcasting stations through to living rooms or offices.

Solutions for all Network Levels – From One Source
  • For the 1st Network Level
    • Server cabinets
    • ODF
    • MPO
    • Patch cable
    For the 3rd Network Level
    • Access point
    • Buried cable
    • Wall-mounted distributors, outdoor
    For the 5th Network Level
    • Wall Outlet
    • Media Converter
  • For the 2nd Network Level
    • Network cabinets
    • Buried cable
    • Patch cable
    • etc.
    For the 4th Network Level
    • Basement and floor distribution
    • Installtion cable