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Bridging Greater Distances with Video Extenders

The reach of signal transmissions is limited by certain VGA, HDMI and DVI specifications. This means, for example, that you should only bridge a distance of around 10 m with conventional HDMI and DVI cables, and of approx. 15 m with VGA.

If greater distance need to be bridged, however, be it in training or conference rooms, in schools, universities, railway stations or airports, one quickly comes up against these limitations with conventional cables. 

This is where we can offer an optimal solution with our high-quality DIGITUS® Professional video extenders.

Video Solutions for Every Requirement

Video extenders extend the signal between the output and input source cheaply and easily. They can do this by way of various technologies.

Particularly attractive are the extenders that extend the output signals by way of an inexpensive network cable (CAT 5/CAT 6).

But we also offer IP-based extenders that enable you to rely on your already provided network.

When selecting an extender, you should not only pay attention to the distance you wish to bridge, but also to the nature of your output and input interfaces. This will help you find the right video solution for your requirements.

Our Presentation Solutions
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