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In-house Cabling with DIGITUS® Professional Products

DIGITUS® Professional has specialized in active and passive assemblies for private, mid-sized and industrial applications. As part of the network technology, we supply professional solutions for small, medium-sized and large architectural complexes, production locations and data centers – in short for structured in-house cabling

As part of this in-house cabling, we offer you products for connections between the building distributor, for example the server room, via the floor distributors through to the individual workstations. 

In doing so, we always take the specific requirements of our clients into account. Our components lend themselves to flexible uses, enabling changes to be made within the building or systems without great effort. We attach importance to cable systems being easily maintainable and revisable. This supports the faster and easier elimination of data transmission errors. 

We can offer you a great variety of components for the structured cabling.

These include:

  • Horizontally usable data cables
  • Modular connection technologies such as Keystone modules
  • Fixed connection technologies
  • Floor distributors and consolidation points such as wall-mounted casings, patch panels and switches
  • Plug cords such as patch cables
  • Data sockets

Focus Topic: Office Cabling

The clean desk is one of the challenges in modern office planning. Data lines, wire harnesses and connections need to be provided in great numbers for every computer workstation. In doing so, the planners attach importance to the technology working faultlessly, but also being invisible. In no case must it be allowed to become a safety risk.

If the clean desk requirements are to be fulfilled, supplying the workstations by way of consolidation points is recommended. In this type of direct cabling, the installer does away with the floor distributor, and instead connects the workstations directly with the signal-emitting switches by way of Keystone modules in wall-mounted boxes (DN-93705 – channel link).

These boxes can be installed in desks, suspended ceilings or underfloor systems. The 6 connector channel link class EA offers particularly flexible options for extending or expanding an in-house data network.

The network infrastructure products of the DIGITUS® Professional brand from ASSMANN have now been tested with the method for the 6 connector channel link, class EA, as per ISO/IEC 11801, edition 2.2.