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Gain a maximum degree of flexibility for your Network Infrastructure with the Class EA 6-Connector-Channel-Link

The 6-Connector-Channel-Link offers you a high degree of flexibility in the data network through the use of Consolidation-Point cables. In comparison to solid conductors (installation cables), Consolidation-Point cables are easier to work with due to their smaller wire cross section that makes the cables more flexible. In addition to this, floor distributors (wall housings) can be dispensed with since it is possible to set up a direct channel link from the server right through to the terminal device.

All shielded Class EA DIGITUS® copper components can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. On the one hand, that demonstrates the quality of our products. On the other, it guarantees substantial margins (power reserves) for the measurement parameters.

Furthermore, Consolidation-Point wiring has the big advantage that the flexible cables only have to pass the minor fire prevention test (FRNC-B; IEC 60332-1; test on cables, insulated wires in the event of fire. Test of vertical flame proliferation on a conductor, an insulated wire, or a cable). This is important because tenders for public buildings, in particular, stipulate the major fire prevention test (FRNC-C; IEC 60332-3).

Where can I use it?

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Office buildings with connection to production facilities area
In this case, use of Consolidation-Point cables enables flexible connection of individual departments, such as the server room, office and production. Open-plan offices with flexible workstations also call for a network infrastructure that is able to adapt to new requirements in no time at all.

Open-plan office

The ‘clean desk’ trend is now a priority for current construction projects in Germany. The spaciously designed floors enable flexible wiring with Consolidation-Point cables in appropriate housings or floor tanks. This gives the owner of the building the required flexibility to make changes to the Consolidation-Points in the raised floor if changes are made to the office layout.

Financial institutes
Financial institutes with various levels of security and authorization represent another field of application. The installation cables are routed from the server room to the different areas. Installation in the floor tanks enables the Consolidation-Point cables to be routed through to the terminal device.