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Current Certifications for DIGITUS® Professional Products

Our performance and products are continuously subjected to our own in-house monitoring and the certification by renowned external test institutes. You will find the respective certificates for our DIGITUS® Professional products in every product description -  in various languages, of course.

Above and beyond this, you are always invited to contact us if you need a specific certificate for a specific product.

This page serves to inform you about products whose certifications enable us to supply unique services in the market.

Certification Obtained for 4 Connector Channel Link, Copper, Class E

Where copper components are concerned, we have been granted a certification for the following 4 connector channel link products by the renowned German test institute GHMT (Association for High Frequency Metrology) in keeping with ISO/IEC 11801, edition 2.2.

Installation Cable
DIGITUS® Professional CAT 6 U-UTP Twisted Pair Installation Cable, solid wire, AWG 23, LSOH
Art.-No. DK-1613-VH-305

Patch Cable
DIGITUS® CAT 6 U-UTP Patch Cable, AWG 24/7, LSOH
Art.-No. DK-1613-020

DIGITUS® Keystone Modul CAT 6 U-UTP, unshielded
Art.-No. DN-93605