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Current Certifications for DIGITUS® Professional Products

Our performance and products are continuously subjected to our own in-house monitoring and the certification by renowned external test institutes. You will find the respective certificates for our DIGITUS® Professional products in every product description -  in various languages, of course.

Above and beyond this, you are always invited to contact us if you need a specific certificate for a specific product.

This page serves to inform you about products whose certifications enable us to supply unique services in the market.

The World’s First Supplier with Shielded CAT6A Class EA 6 Connector Channel Link Certification

Gain maximum flexibility for your network. The network infrastructure products of the DIGITUS® Professional brand have now also been certified using the test method for the 6 connector channel link, class EA, as per ISO/IEC 11801, edition 2.2.

These products include:

DIGITUS® Professional is currently the only provider with a certified 6 connector channel link of class EA on the market.

Sample applications:

In open-plan offices, our certified products enable the provision of “clean desks”, thanks to flexible cabling with consolidation point cables in matching boxes or floor tanks.

Financial institutes
with various security and authorization areas are another possible application. The installation cables are laid from the server room to the separate areas.

Certification Obtained for 4 Connector Channel Link, Copper, Class E

Where copper components are concerned, we have been granted a certification for the following 4 connector channel link products by the renowned German test institute GHMT (Association for High Frequency Metrology) in keeping with ISO/IEC 11801, edition 2.2.

Installation Cable
DIGITUS® Professional CAT 6 U-UTP Twisted Pair Installation Cable, solid wire, AWG 23, LSOH
Art.-No. DK-1613-VH-305

Patch Cable
DIGITUS® CAT 6 U-UTP Patch Cable, AWG 24/7, LSOH
Art.-No. DK-1613-020

DIGITUS® Keystone Modul CAT 6 U-UTP, unshielded
Art.-No. DN-93605